The renowned collaboration between Cypress Hill and ROOR. Improve and revolutionize your smoking experience.



Phuncky Feel Tips – Single

Choose your preferred shape: round or flat?

Phuncky Feel Tips – Set

Three Phuncky Feel Tips (two round, one flat) in a handy metal box. Robust, safe, fits in every pocket.

Phuncky Feel Tips – Nish Collab

The unique collaboration between Phuncky Feel Tips and Nish colors your life. Every piece is unique.


PFT – single, round
9,00 €
PFT – single, flat
9,00 €
PFT – Set
24,90 €
24,90 €
Aztec Fire
24,90 €
Blackline Rainbow
24,90 €

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Cypress Hill meets Roor

Hits from the bong. I wanna get high. – Cypress Hill has always been inseparably linked to smoking culture. These guys know what they are talking about - and they love ROOR just as much as we love them.

The collaboration between the famous artists and ROOR has lead to an revolution in smokin culture: PHUNCKY FEEL TIPS – obviously in unquestionable ROOR-quality.

Product Info

Warning: Nish Collab Phuncky Feel Tips are always flat, never rounded. Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions. Every piece is unique.

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